Monday, November 29, 2010

Topic #2- whaling

I know that whaling is very popular in japan and that working to stop it. the most common type of whale that is targetted for whaling is the baleen whale. The Baji whale is also a target in fact there is said to be only 300 baji whales left. A lot of wildlife societies in america are are trying to get japan to stop what they are doing but people in japan are very stubborn about the matter of whaling. They use the blubber for coats and use the meat for foods.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Research Responce 1 oil spill

Everyone in the forest was happy. It was no longer hard to travel to other necks of the forest to visit relatives thanks to The Movables. Everyone in the forest had a Movable and it made life very simple for the animals. It was all thanks to the crystal clear lake just a few miles north of the forest. In the years before The Movables no one dared to go near the crystal clear lake; the Eejits lived there. The Eejits were terrifying creatures that roamed the land around the Crystal Clear lake. The Eejits didn't look particularly terrifying, in fact there wasn't a fang in there mouths but it was the intense feeling of warmth and accomplishment that the forest animals got when they were near them that was terrifying. You see not the squirrels , nor the birds, rabbits, and turtles had never felt anything like it. The Eejits got their names from a wise old Irish squirrel who pitied himself. And so as the year went by a young old hare watched The Eejits do there daily chores. He didn't find them so terrifying in fact he'd felt the feeling of warmth they gave off many times before. After watching quietly for years the young hare hopped right in front of The Eejits, he asked in as booming voice as he could "Could you direct me towards the Crystal Clear Lake?" and the kind old Eejit said " yes, I see your not from around here and would like to tell you that are beautiful lake is that way." the Eejit said with a grin and walked on whistling a gleeful tone.
The lake was beautiful. It sparkled in the bright sun.The young hare reached in to feel the water and scooped up some magical fairy dust he put it in his sack and scooped up mor. He tasted it and smelt it, and threw it at a tree.

Monday, November 8, 2010

List and Entry-Social Awareness


1.the homeless man that holds the door for people outside of krupa grocery.

2.the homeless people that sit on the benches on the side of the park

3. An altar to a kid that lost his life after getting hit in the head while skateboarding

4. a boy riding a toddler's bike in the street to school

5. a boy in a wheel chair that i see getting on to a school bus every day.


I have seen that homeless man for probably my whole entire life. I have never seen him get angry, talk to himself, or even beg. He must have a very satisfying philosophical theory as to why his life is the way it is. He stands in front of this deli and holds the door for people. He doesn't accept their money. He just wishes them luck as they rush out to work. And at night you can always see him chuckling with some guys standing outside the bar. He doesn't seem jealous of there beer and vodka shots. He just enjoys their company. He accepts his way of life, he doesn't envy others. He just lives.

Poem on Poverty- Social Awareness

Some people have houses.
Some people don't.
Some people have just enough money.
Some people have more.
Some people don't have any.
Were all people so why is it so hard
for some people
and not for others?
If we could all help each other
maybe are world wouldn't
be so unfair.
Maybe instead of some people
sleeping in the cold
we could all sleep in beds
and eat the same food
and all have jobs.
Maybe, if we all helped each other
our lives wouldn't be so unfair.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Horror of News-Social Awarness Reflection

All over New York there are people that read the news, just have a look around at 8 am, they are on the subway. in coffee shops and even walking down the street. I tried to do this every day for a week and found my self slightly blue. Lets face it our world isn't the most perfect place there are people that don't have food or shelter, giant sinkholes in Guatemala, earthquakes and hurricanes in Haiti, and the defeat of an unfortunately hilarious senate candidate who, while totally messing up Delaware would enlighten our country with ridiculousness for better or for worse. And while there are very few pleasant things in the news we mustn't forget that our economy is failing and was about a year ago very similar to what it was during The Great Depression in the 1920's. So all in all there is not all much to be proud of in the world currently but we've got each other and that should be all we need to pull through.

Response to Langston Hughes "Mother to Son"

So Ma,
Im sorry your life
ain't been no crystal stair
and i'm sorry that mine might never be
but i do know one thing, Ma.
I ain't never gonna stop climbin'
not 'tell my feet burn, and my heart
beats cold.
So Ma,
You'll climb along with me, wont you?
you won't leave me alone in the dark.
You'll keep climbin' Ma
even if you ain't climbin'
no, crystal stair.


One thing about The Phantom Tollbooth which strikes me as important is that know matter how many wrong turns that Milo takes he always finds away to make each wrong turn lead to right one. If people took the time to think through their the choices and make them more carefully they might not find themselves it the same tough situations that they find themselves in today and those tough situations can totally change just by the way you think about things. For instance when Milo is looking for the "right" path he is already on the way to the Doldrums and if he had not landed in the Doldrums he would not of found his way to Dictionoplis and met his friends that accompanied him on his way to Digitoplois and then to rescue Rhyme and Reason. I think thats similar to winning and losing because by losing you are letting the other team win because if nobody loses nobody can win either. So without wrong there is no right and sometimes you cant ever be right if you don't learn from being wrong.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phantom Tollbooth Appreciation

You can like math, or you can like words. You can like quite sounds, or awful sounds. You could like them all. Most books cant cover all those topics but The Phantom Tollbooth can cover those and more. Whatever side your on your case will be represented, questioned, defended and all between the pages of a 255 and a half page book. Its a hard task for a writer to achieve in fact the secret for sucess i believe is that you have to be a bit insane. Fortunetly, Norton Juster is a bit insane at least thats what you can tell from his book. But while sanity is good as you learn from the book so is insanity because you cant have sanity whithout insanity just as you cant have loud without quiet, or digititopolis without dictionopolis, you cant rhyme without reason.
After reading each chapter in The Phantom Tollbooth your smiling and thinking "How in the world could anyone think up the ideas in this chapter?" Its a book that's so full of puzzles that it takes you double the time to read it than any other book with the same amount of pages. The bottom line is that Norton Juster is just a genius and you leave it at that. But, you cant leave it at that because each chapter you read becomes more, and more mind blowing that you find yourself wondering how in the world Norton Juster does it, all over again.
I chose to read this book because when i first read it i felt so connected to Milo personality wise that even though i could not understand the story i felt like i was Milo. I still feel connected to this book but in a completely different way. When i first This book has a ton of really insane, genius lessons but the real, big lesson is that nothings perfect and that you can find in the wildest of things. I think that everyone can relate to this book mainly because nothing is perfect; the land of math has problems as well as the land of words and sound and silence.
This books of all time because everyone can relate to it. And that is one amazing thing to achieve when writing a book because how people can really connect.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Entry-6 charlottes\phantom

A note that i wrote in THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH was on page 38 when men in dictionopolis use the word salutations as one of the many words they used to say hello. I recognized the word salutations from the book that we just read Charlotte's Web. When charlotte is first introduced one of the first things she says is "Salutations."
I guessed that Charlotte's web and The Phantom Tollbooth were written in the same period based on the fact that i have never heard anyone say salutations so it must of been a word of the time period.
So i looked up the dates in which both book's were written and i was right! Charlotte's web was written in 1952 an The Phantom Tollbooth was written in 1961 only 9 years apart

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entry 5- Heroes

In Charlotte's web, just like in any other book, there is a main character, and along with the main character comes a hero and a villain. On Wilbur's worst day he finds a friend in Charlotte where he finds none in Templeton or the other barn animals. Poor Wilbur wanders throughout the barn in search of a friend, but not one animal in the whole has any interest in Wilbur. He asks Templeton to play. Templeton answers "Play? I hardly no the meaning of the word. I prefer to spend my time eating, gnawing, spying, and hiding. I am a glutton but not a merry maker. Right now I am on my way to your trough to eat your breakfast since you haven't got sense enough to eat it yourself."

But after all that, when all the barn animals are asleep, Charlotte gently whispers to Wilbur, "I'll be a fiend to you. I have watched you all day and i like you." As the author sets the story up, Charlotte is the hero and Templeton is the villain...For now.

Templeton though soon proceeds to prove the reader wrong even though he doesn't definitely mean to. Templeton brings back words from the dump that Charlotte spins in her web. And then when Charlotte is sick and dying Templeton carries her egg sack back to the farm. Maybe there can be two heroes.