Sunday, November 7, 2010


One thing about The Phantom Tollbooth which strikes me as important is that know matter how many wrong turns that Milo takes he always finds away to make each wrong turn lead to right one. If people took the time to think through their the choices and make them more carefully they might not find themselves it the same tough situations that they find themselves in today and those tough situations can totally change just by the way you think about things. For instance when Milo is looking for the "right" path he is already on the way to the Doldrums and if he had not landed in the Doldrums he would not of found his way to Dictionoplis and met his friends that accompanied him on his way to Digitoplois and then to rescue Rhyme and Reason. I think thats similar to winning and losing because by losing you are letting the other team win because if nobody loses nobody can win either. So without wrong there is no right and sometimes you cant ever be right if you don't learn from being wrong.

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