Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Horror of News-Social Awarness Reflection

All over New York there are people that read the news, just have a look around at 8 am, they are on the subway. in coffee shops and even walking down the street. I tried to do this every day for a week and found my self slightly blue. Lets face it our world isn't the most perfect place there are people that don't have food or shelter, giant sinkholes in Guatemala, earthquakes and hurricanes in Haiti, and the defeat of an unfortunately hilarious senate candidate who, while totally messing up Delaware would enlighten our country with ridiculousness for better or for worse. And while there are very few pleasant things in the news we mustn't forget that our economy is failing and was about a year ago very similar to what it was during The Great Depression in the 1920's. So all in all there is not all much to be proud of in the world currently but we've got each other and that should be all we need to pull through.

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