Monday, November 8, 2010

List and Entry-Social Awareness


1.the homeless man that holds the door for people outside of krupa grocery.

2.the homeless people that sit on the benches on the side of the park

3. An altar to a kid that lost his life after getting hit in the head while skateboarding

4. a boy riding a toddler's bike in the street to school

5. a boy in a wheel chair that i see getting on to a school bus every day.


I have seen that homeless man for probably my whole entire life. I have never seen him get angry, talk to himself, or even beg. He must have a very satisfying philosophical theory as to why his life is the way it is. He stands in front of this deli and holds the door for people. He doesn't accept their money. He just wishes them luck as they rush out to work. And at night you can always see him chuckling with some guys standing outside the bar. He doesn't seem jealous of there beer and vodka shots. He just enjoys their company. He accepts his way of life, he doesn't envy others. He just lives.

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