Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entry 5- Heroes

In Charlotte's web, just like in any other book, there is a main character, and along with the main character comes a hero and a villain. On Wilbur's worst day he finds a friend in Charlotte where he finds none in Templeton or the other barn animals. Poor Wilbur wanders throughout the barn in search of a friend, but not one animal in the whole has any interest in Wilbur. He asks Templeton to play. Templeton answers "Play? I hardly no the meaning of the word. I prefer to spend my time eating, gnawing, spying, and hiding. I am a glutton but not a merry maker. Right now I am on my way to your trough to eat your breakfast since you haven't got sense enough to eat it yourself."

But after all that, when all the barn animals are asleep, Charlotte gently whispers to Wilbur, "I'll be a fiend to you. I have watched you all day and i like you." As the author sets the story up, Charlotte is the hero and Templeton is the villain...For now.

Templeton though soon proceeds to prove the reader wrong even though he doesn't definitely mean to. Templeton brings back words from the dump that Charlotte spins in her web. And then when Charlotte is sick and dying Templeton carries her egg sack back to the farm. Maybe there can be two heroes.