Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Research Responce 1 oil spill

Everyone in the forest was happy. It was no longer hard to travel to other necks of the forest to visit relatives thanks to The Movables. Everyone in the forest had a Movable and it made life very simple for the animals. It was all thanks to the crystal clear lake just a few miles north of the forest. In the years before The Movables no one dared to go near the crystal clear lake; the Eejits lived there. The Eejits were terrifying creatures that roamed the land around the Crystal Clear lake. The Eejits didn't look particularly terrifying, in fact there wasn't a fang in there mouths but it was the intense feeling of warmth and accomplishment that the forest animals got when they were near them that was terrifying. You see not the squirrels , nor the birds, rabbits, and turtles had never felt anything like it. The Eejits got their names from a wise old Irish squirrel who pitied himself. And so as the year went by a young old hare watched The Eejits do there daily chores. He didn't find them so terrifying in fact he'd felt the feeling of warmth they gave off many times before. After watching quietly for years the young hare hopped right in front of The Eejits, he asked in as booming voice as he could "Could you direct me towards the Crystal Clear Lake?" and the kind old Eejit said " yes, I see your not from around here and would like to tell you that are beautiful lake is that way." the Eejit said with a grin and walked on whistling a gleeful tone.
The lake was beautiful. It sparkled in the bright sun.The young hare reached in to feel the water and scooped up some magical fairy dust he put it in his sack and scooped up mor. He tasted it and smelt it, and threw it at a tree.

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