Sunday, October 17, 2010

Phantom Tollbooth Appreciation

You can like math, or you can like words. You can like quite sounds, or awful sounds. You could like them all. Most books cant cover all those topics but The Phantom Tollbooth can cover those and more. Whatever side your on your case will be represented, questioned, defended and all between the pages of a 255 and a half page book. Its a hard task for a writer to achieve in fact the secret for sucess i believe is that you have to be a bit insane. Fortunetly, Norton Juster is a bit insane at least thats what you can tell from his book. But while sanity is good as you learn from the book so is insanity because you cant have sanity whithout insanity just as you cant have loud without quiet, or digititopolis without dictionopolis, you cant rhyme without reason.
After reading each chapter in The Phantom Tollbooth your smiling and thinking "How in the world could anyone think up the ideas in this chapter?" Its a book that's so full of puzzles that it takes you double the time to read it than any other book with the same amount of pages. The bottom line is that Norton Juster is just a genius and you leave it at that. But, you cant leave it at that because each chapter you read becomes more, and more mind blowing that you find yourself wondering how in the world Norton Juster does it, all over again.
I chose to read this book because when i first read it i felt so connected to Milo personality wise that even though i could not understand the story i felt like i was Milo. I still feel connected to this book but in a completely different way. When i first This book has a ton of really insane, genius lessons but the real, big lesson is that nothings perfect and that you can find in the wildest of things. I think that everyone can relate to this book mainly because nothing is perfect; the land of math has problems as well as the land of words and sound and silence.
This books of all time because everyone can relate to it. And that is one amazing thing to achieve when writing a book because how people can really connect.

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