Monday, October 4, 2010

Entry-6 charlottes\phantom

A note that i wrote in THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH was on page 38 when men in dictionopolis use the word salutations as one of the many words they used to say hello. I recognized the word salutations from the book that we just read Charlotte's Web. When charlotte is first introduced one of the first things she says is "Salutations."
I guessed that Charlotte's web and The Phantom Tollbooth were written in the same period based on the fact that i have never heard anyone say salutations so it must of been a word of the time period.
So i looked up the dates in which both book's were written and i was right! Charlotte's web was written in 1952 an The Phantom Tollbooth was written in 1961 only 9 years apart

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  1. I like how you make a text to text connection with Charlottes and Phantom Tollbooth.