Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Giver: Reading Response.

On the first page of "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, an airplane soars over Jonas and his community. We wouldn't even look up, but Jonas is fascinated. Then, A voice orders the citizens to go inside, "Leave your bikes where they are." After several minutes the voice speaks up again explains it had only been a pilot-in-training who took a wrong turn "Needles To Say, He Will Be Released."
"The Giver" is simply the story of people that took to much for granted, were given a choice, and then decided to play it safe. It's safe to say i've been obsessed with "The Giver" for 6 years-since second grade. It makes you think, a lot, maybe too much. It makes you think about how you since things, how your world is, it's eerie, it makes you shiver.
In "The Giver" years before the book takes place, people get fed up. They are sick of the burden of choices, sick of being in control, so, they make one last choice, they trade color, for a "perfect" life. One without choices, without excitement, where they don't need to choose anything at all. Everything is decided for them, and nothing bad ever happens.
That is Jonas's life, it's all that he knows, or will ever know, until two things happen: One, his twelfth birthday, and two he hears of a baby named Gabe. His father who had been chosen to work with babies, speaks of him. Gabe does not sleep well at night and if it doesn't stop he will be released.
Then, on the day of his birthday, he goes to a ceremony, and is chosen for the role of the giver. But, first the reciever. And old man "Giver" to jonas becomes one he sees everyday one, that shows him things that are foriegn. Pain, true happiness, and color. And jonas learns the truth.

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  1. nicely written! I really like your transition from a small description of the book in the first paragraph to how you feel about the book in the second paragraph.