Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 Great Blogs

Today, as i flipped throughout the blogs of my fellow classmates, I realized they are all pretty good, but 3 especially stood out.
Gabrielle Gautier's blog "Read!!!!!!!" Was very good because not only were her assigned post very good and extremely thorough, I believe she also include posts that were not assigned, showing not only that she truly cared but, also a passion for writing which, I think is the most meaning full purpose of ELA in school.
The second blog that stood out was Jadmary Riascos's "It's time to blog" For her creativity and neatness. The first thing I noticed when i first looked at her blog was that it was very neat and organized. She had a title for every post and because of her use of different fonts you could tell exactly where everything was. In entries where they were poems that the entries were about she made them different fonts so if you had not read the poem you could tell which was which.
And finally the third blog was Astrid Asmundsson's "A million and one." First of all, all of her entries were very deep, you can tell from them that she really thinks about what she's writing and doesn't just rush through it. All of her poems have a really nice rhythm to them and kind of get stuck in your head after you read them.

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