Thursday, February 17, 2011

An "incident" poem.

On the way, on the way
A blur slowly moves by, not a blur,
not a smudge.
A cat.
Not mine. Alone.

A cat smaller then normal, leaner.
A kitten, just
a kitten. Not kinder, not

I approach her slowly
and gently lift her up
of the ground and i carry her
home lowly.

I want to put up a poster and through.
But then i remember
She's the deli man's cat.
So i carry her back up the block
to one deli of blue.

I hand her to the deli mans's son but
he does not lift one arm nor two.
So I set the small cat on the floor
but what more?
She runs out of sight and they don't even
lift their eyes.

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